Duke-us Tweek-em

Distracted?  Yes.

Bored?  Yes.

Tired of being treated like dirt?  Yes.

Plans for the 4th?  No.

Am I a loser?

A Tragedy indeed. 

10 months????  Wow.  I think that’s a record.  My longest dp was 4 months.  Oh, the drudgery.  Why can’t we all work for Denny Crane?


What was that man thinking???



Did anyone see the Republican presidential debates?  Who thinks they could do a better debate?  Raise your hand.


Do all of you realize that this is the 4th Anniversary of the U.S. invasion on Iraq?

I won’t get into a big political debate about it with all of you righties (and I will assume that none of you will comment), but c’mon — 4 YEARS??? 

Wow litig8inglady, you’ve really bought into the Bush administration’s campaign of fear.  Don’t you realize that fear has always been the most effective tool governments use to expand their power.  Terrorism is a terrible reality that we all must face but we can’t let the government use our fear to strip away our rights.

C’mon A3G.  I thought you were riskier than that.

So, are you ever going to tell us about your trip to Paris?  Or is it what happens in Paris stays in Paris?

Hey A3G, Kobe airport in Kobe, Japan opened today for service.  Want to take a quick spin?


Funny stuff about DC. 

I am having a really hard time concentrating at work this week.  Is anyone else all consumed in these winter games?  


A3G — always so diplomatic (well, maybe not always).

Hey . . . how about that SuperBowl.  Go Steelers, go.  Did I tell you that I am originally from Philly?


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