Big news.

Our VP’s Chief of Staff was sentenced to 30 months in prison after being convicted of perjury and obstuction of justice.

Hmm.  Traffic, crowded bars and really expensive rent.  Count me in.  But . . . we need to do some shopping first!  Meet you at SFA after work?

Ok, the toothpaste thing is big, but not this big.

I just heard that Dr. Kevorkian was released from prison yesterday.  Did you know that he served 8 years in jail?


Glad you’ve brought it up A3G.  I’m certainly not comfortable with the idea of government agents reading my personal emails or listening to my personal conversations but if the Act will actually help prevent another 911, I’m willing to make that sacrifice.  Terrorists are real and out there and we need to give law enforcement the tools it needs to fight them.

Holy cow.  I don’t even know who my landlord is.  I have written to him and called him and never get a response.  Isn’t it conforting to know that all of our hard earned money gets dumped into rent for a 2 by 4 apartment and I can’t even get a return phone call?  I doubt he’s concerned about the roof.

Thanks A3G.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I’m going to be stuck here looking at my computer.  I guess it is better than sitting home alone with my Haagen Daas.  A Litig8ing Lady VD tradition.

Alright…I wasn’t going to say anything but since we’re talking about judicial corruption.  I know for a fact that one of the judges from the SDNY has taken bribes…please don’t ask how I know.  It’s ridiculous and disgusting.  Like Lawgirrl, I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m sick of wondering whether the decisions we get are actually based on the law.

Did you read the report in the Times today about the Davis-Bease workers who were indicted for repeatedly falsifying inspection reports and other information to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission?  Apparently, FirstEnergy Corp accepted a plea bargain and $28 million in fines in lieu of criminal prosecution.  Good move, huh?

I love the Times, I do, but why can’t they include more pictures of our good looking politicos.  Sundance started yesterday and yet no picture of sexy Gore despite the inclusion of the documentary about him.


I agree, Dorkus.  Justice has been served!

I’m not sure about the hill, but . . .

I heard something on NPR about a N.Y. judge who was censured for being drunk on the bench. I think his name was Judge Gilpatrick, and he is a local trial judge somewhere in N.Y. He claimed that it was the only time that he had appeared on the bench intoxicated, and that he would not do it again. (Hmmm, I find it hard to believe that it was the first and last time.) Supposedly he was in the running for a position on the N.Y. Supreme Court, but not anymore. However, he is serving another 6 year term on the bench. I have been in front of judges that seemed to be under the influence of one substance or another. In a motion session, I remember a Judge R. appeared to be nodding off. I know plenty of alcoholic attorneys so I guess it is not impossible that some of them make it to the bench.

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