What was that man thinking???

Big news.

Our VP’s Chief of Staff was sentenced to 30 months in prison after being convicted of perjury and obstuction of justice.

The Hamptons.  Ugh.  But I am definitely in for the shopping trip!  I could use some new shoes for my summer outfits.


Hmm.  Traffic, crowded bars and really expensive rent.  Count me in.  But . . . we need to do some shopping first!  Meet you at SFA after work?

Ok, enough downer news.

Who’s renting a summer house in the Hamptons this summer?  Does anyone want to go in on a quarter share?


I agree . . . very troublesome . . .

And so is this.  The FBI has named Alexis Flores as the 487th person placed on its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List.  This guy supposedly kidnapped, rated and murdered a 5 year old in Philly.  

Isn’t Tweek-em from Philly?

Hmm.   Interesting.  I didn’t realize that was 8 years ago!

I am still a little freaked out by the toothpaste thing –


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