I have been fired.

That’s right readers and fellow bloggers.  A3G has been fired–for her blog–in clear contravention of her First Amendment rights.

She will be back–in one form or another.  But for now, she will have to desist from posting here.

Don’t worry, the Tragedy Part I did not keep A3G down for long and neither will the Tragedy Part II.

Until we meet again, all the best to my faithful readers.


Article III Groupie.


Cheer up, Tweek-em.

Take a ride to the Hamptons.  We are having a killer BBQ.

And you never know who you might see.  There were several notable sightings last year.


Distracted?  Yes.

Bored?  Yes.

Tired of being treated like dirt?  Yes.

Plans for the 4th?  No.

Am I a loser?

I love that show!

Does anyone feel like working today?  I can’t believe I am at WORK!  Everyone in the office has been so distracted by the upcoming holiday.  

A Tragedy indeed.

10 months????  Wow.  I think that’s a record.  My longest dp was 4 months.  Oh, the drudgery.  Why can’t real life be more like Suits??


Thinking about the late Princess Diana.  She would have been 53 years old today.  I still remember the day she died.  I was stuck in a corporate apartment in Durham, North Carolina doing a 10-month long document production.  Such a tragedy (Diana, I mean).

So this just in from the Supremes . . .

They issued a decision in Harris v. Quinn (with Alito writing for the majority!) that might be quite the blow to to the all-powerful public employee unions.  The Court held that home health aids are only partial public employees, and therefore can’t be compelled to pay dues to the unions representing them.