I have been fired.

That’s right readers and fellow bloggers.  A3G has been fired–for her blog–in clear contravention of her First Amendment rights.

She will be back–in one form or another.  But for now, she will have to desist from posting here.

Don’t worry, the Tragedy Part I did not keep A3G down for long and neither will the Tragedy Part II.

Until we meet again, all the best to my faithful readers.


Article III Groupie.


I love that show!

Does anyone feel like working today?  I can’t believe I am at WORK!  Everyone in the office has been so distracted by the upcoming holiday.  

So this just in from the Supremes . . .

They issued a decision in Harris v. Quinn (with Alito writing for the majority!) that might be quite the blow to to the all-powerful public employee unions.  The Court held that home health aids are only partial public employees, and therefore can’t be compelled to pay dues to the unions representing them.

The Hamptons.  Ugh.  But I am definitely in for the shopping trip!  I could use some new shoes for my summer outfits.


On a lighter note: the City of Seattle just approved a $15 minimum wage! What do we have to do to get a raise, too??

I assume everyone saw that Bowe Bergdahl was released in a prisoner swap with the Taliban over the weekend, but have you heard that House Republicans are now claiming that President Obama violated the law in orchestrating his release?

Apparently the National Defense Authorization Act requires that Congress be notified 30 days in advance of any prisoners being released from Guantanamo, but they didn’t receive the proper notice before the swapped Taliban prisoners were released.  I just know someone has some thoughts about this….

Did you know that today is the 139th day of the year?  I was up all night last night stressed about this assignment I am working on for the GI.  I kept giving him drafts and he kept saying “This needs a lot of work.” 

So, since I couldn’t sleep I decided to surf the net and came across this unbelievable useless fact, which of course, I feel obligated to share with you.

I am sooooo tired. 

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