Habeas Dorkus

Thinking about the late Princess Diana.  She would have been 53 years old today.  I still remember the day she died.  I was stuck in a corporate apartment in Durham, North Carolina doing a 10-month long document production.  Such a tragedy (Diana, I mean).



I think I just purchased the 25 billionth song from the Apple iTunes Store today.

I thought you’d all like to know that I made history.  Hey, anyone know what’s happening with the Supremes??


That is so unlike you.  You never neglect your work (:)). 

Interesting, Lawgirrl . . . but I have something better . . .

Can you believe those two bozos who conspired to extort money from Wendy’s by planting a severed finger in a bowl of chili and then sued the restaurant?  They got ten years each in prison.  A fair result in my opinion . . . what do you think?


Scrooge’s got nothing on my bosses.

That being said, I guess one of the partners really badly screwed up last week. We just lost a client, a really big one, because of serious errors he and the associates working under him made while handling their business. Word is they’re going to go to Cravath. Heads are going to start rolling around here, starting with that partner. Hence being at work after 8pm the day before new years eve.

I think I might show up tomorow too. 3rd year associates get such a nice bump up from 2nd years, and while I didn’t have anything to do with this screw up, I’ve done a ton of other stuff for him…

Yeah, but who wants to drive a hybrid? Sure the mpg is great, but it doesn’t scream “sexy and rich”- which, lets face it, is what it’s all about.

I just got my Christmas bonus! 19,000! Maybe this will be enough to help get together the down payment on an adorable place in Chelsea. Still being gentrified area, but Chelsea is such a hot spot these days. And it would be nice to have a place that I own, instead of this tiny filing cabinet in Gramercy.

A3G- Breathtakingly Inane is a good turn of phrase. Have you read the decision in full? I snuck it in last night after walking the long miles home. It’s so good. I’ll email it to you when I have a chance. Also, it’s good to hear that you’ve gone BI. There’s hope for you yet!

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